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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Ocean sounds

Somehow what was in my mind last night jumped away from me when my alarm went off at 3:15 this morning. Why that early? I thought... I thought I might drive to the coast to watch the sun rise. The sun rose today at 5:11AM, with civil twilight beginning at 4:36. I'm a good 40 minute drive from the beach I had my mind set on visiting. But somehow, my body decided I needed more sleep rather than an early morning rise and drive. So yes, I did go back to sleep for another two hours!

Oh, you want to know what civil twilight is? I had to look it up too... it's the time when the sun is below the horizon but not more than 6 degrees below it. And yes, the sky is "lit" at that time.

Looking for sunrise (or sunset) at your house? The U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department provides a tool, Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day.
Back to my ramblings...

I headed out a little before 7, well after sunrise but still quite early in the day. My wanderings started at Salisbury Beach State Reservation. Walking along the beach, by the ocean, listening to the sound of waves. Walking by the fencing at the edge of the beach, fascinated by how much of the fencing - and the stairs from the boardwalks - had been covered by the sand.

I could see Plum Island from the southernmost part of the beach. It was early when I left Salisbury Beach, and my feet still were experiencing a bit of wanderlust. I headed inland just a bit - to get to a bridge that crossed the Merrimack River - and then jumped onto Plum Island. Ah - time for a quick visit to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The beaches there are closed since it is still piping plover nesting season, but there was plenty of space to wander on the inland side of the island. I walked some, and then I stood and watched the birds. Beautiful.

rolling crashing wave

fencing pushed by sand and wind

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