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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who are you?

Friday... it was a good day to work at home, to escape the activity level at the office, to be able to focus on work with few interruptions. (Why few, and not none? Our use of instant messaging for work purposes means that I'm never totally disconnected.)

Quiet hours, working, and later... an opportunity for a ride. It was a glorious early spring day, with sunshine and a crisp but comfortable temperature. As I rolled along the road, I stopped to chat with these beautiful creatures. It still feels strange to see what is essentially a farm plunked down in a very residential area, but I always enjoy stopping to chat with the animals. When I first stood next to the fence, I could see the animals (I think they are alpaca) looking at me. A couple of them decided to move closer, and I could almost hear a curious question, "who are you?".

alpaca staring at a 2-legged creature