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Monday, February 18, 2008

A new look

Yes, I walked twice today, but most of the day I was glued to my computer. It was a holiday, and I wasn't doing my "work" work. I was working on my own puzzle, making changes to the look of my photo galleries. The changes were things I'd been thinking about for a while. The banner on my site was centered, which made sense when all of the photo galleries were limited in width. But a change to SmugMug (where my galleries are hosted) that was released at the end of November makes use of the full width of the browser window. Somehow a centered banner and navbar looked a bit off to me with the wider smugmug-style galleries.

I've been thinking, changing the design in my head, and thinking some more. A rainy day off gave me the perfect time to experiment, to finalize my change both in my head and in reality. I split the banner and navigation into two pieces, one that pins itself to the left side of the screen, and one that moves with the right side of the browser window. I changed the "Gallery" window too. The site looks more balanced to me now, cleaner and as you resize the browser window, things very nicely move to adapt to the changed window size.

I'm happy!

Curious? Take a look at the updated