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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Moonlight, magic...

The sky was painted with clouds late in the afternoon, clouds hovering as the night of a full lunar eclipse approached. By some stroke of luck, the sky was totally clear by the time the sun fell below the horizon.

It was a cold night, cold, and wonderfully clear.

The eclipse started, and darkness crept across the full moon. Over an hour into the eclipse, the moon was covered but still visible. The color? It was a striking shade of orange, with bright white still showing on the right edge. The color was amazing and surprising. Orange... As the light started creeping across the moon once again, the orange faded, the bright sliver of white slowly growing larger, taking over the circle of the moon once again.

Curious about the eclipse? Here's a link to a NASA page about the total lunar eclipse of February 20, 2008.