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Monday, February 18, 2008

Mist rising

Warmth on a February day... wonderful warmth! Today was a work holiday, a gift, a 3-day weekend. While I would have been happier with a dry day, there was beauty to be found today. It's still winter here, but the temperatures were in the high 50s all day. I woke to the sound of steady rain.

By the middle of the morning, the sky stopped weeping. It looked like it could start again at any moment, so when I headed out walking I dressed for that possibility. My attire for the morning was light-weight tights and a sleeveless shirt, topped with a rainjacket and a hat, just in case.

There was beauty in gray. Piles of snow still remain, and the mist was rising, hovering, wafting off of the snow. Walking, warmth...

Home again. I was in the house about 10 minutes when I heard the rain. It was pouring again! It must have been the rainjacket wrapped around my waist that allowed me to have a dry walk.

Late in the afternoon... the sky was getting lighter, and flirting patches of blue sky drew me to walk once again. Gray clouds moved rapidly across the sky, bright backlit clouds peeking out. Beautiful.