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Sunday, December 08, 2019

speaking up

The subtitle of an article in Slate caught my eye today: One used to speak truth to power. Now, one speaks truth to nonsense.

I found the article "The Women Who Still Speak Up" to be very interesting. It features women who are standing up (and speaking up) to the craziness spawned by the current resident of the White House. Perhaps the introductory paragraph from the article will drawn you in as it did me.

Speak “truth to power”—this is how most people standing up to the constant disinformation and bullying of the Trump administration may have once reasonably described their task. Increasingly, though, that work is being honed and refined into something a bit more complicated: speaking truth to nonsense. It’s not so much holding up a mirror so that power can see what it’s become; it’s simply the job of creating a record, for history if nothing else, of what is actually happening.

I encourage you to read the article published in Slate on December 6, 2019.

Click to read The Women Who Still Speak Up.