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Sunday, November 20, 2016

driving home

It was a driving day today, a time to head home from King of Prussia.

I took the long way down, following the Mass Pike all of the way across the state to the New York Thruway. I was delighted with the (newly implemented) all-electronic tolling on the Mass Pike, no stopping needed!

Today I took I-84 from Suffern, NY to Sturbridge, MA, dropping south a bit before veering to the north and east. This was a shorter drive, but I have to say I preferred the longer route. While I-84 is a limited access road it passes through heavily populated areas with many exits, constantly changing speed limits, and sections of crossing traffic. Interestingly enough there was less than a half hour time difference between the two routes even though the Mass Pike to the NY Thruway route was a good 55 miles longer.

As I crossed the border between New Jersey and New York I started to see a bit of snow cover. The roads were dry, but there were lines of snow on the shoulders, a clear sign that there was enough white stuff to need plowing.

My thoughts of repeating the longer route on the way home disappeared once I saw that there was a winter storm warning for the western part of Massachusetts. Driving through a snow storm didn't sound like fun.

autumn view, in Valley Forge National Historical Park
a taste of autumn
Valley Forge National Historical Park