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Thursday, October 20, 2016

park walks

It was a good day for walking today. The air was crisp with temperatures in the low 50s. I was warm enough, and Denise had the right layers so she was warm too.

We started out with a walk from our B&B to Sieur de Monts Spring, following quiet and mostly empty roads before jumping onto Jesup Path in the park. The trail turns into a boardwalk above what is usually a wet area; the drought must have followed us here because the water was mostly missing.

Park Loop Road was our focus for the rest of the day. We left the car at the Sand Beach parking lot and walked and walked. Whenever Denise saw something interesting we stopped. Sometimes it was a photo stop. Sometimes it was a sit and absorb the beauty around us stop. Both were good.

After we switched from using our feet to sitting in a car we continued our moving and stopping behavior.

Clouds rolled in during the afternoon. When Denise saw the cloud-painted sky she decided we should head back up Cadillac Mountain to see the late day light. It was pretty chilly up there, but oh! it was beautiful. I think I'm starting to understand why Denise likes the sky when it is decorated by clouds.

--- Rover
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