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Friday, October 21, 2016


It rained overnight, and our morning wanders were decorated by fog!

We headed into Acadia for a walk along Ocean Path, sometimes walking on the rocks, sometimes on the trail. It almost felt like we had the park to ourselves this morning. Sea gulls wandered and ocean waves crashed on the rocks, creating a kind of music.

After our walk we headed home.

Fog followed us between Ellsworth and Bangor, alternating between a reasonable sight line and very soupy. Denise said she wanted to stop to take a picture of a field where she spotted bright red ground plants as we drove by on Monday. She thought the red and the fog would make an interesting contrast, and I think she was right. The field was in the middle of the heavy fog - we were very lucky to see it as we drove past. We turned around and headed back, looking for (and finding) a good off-of-the-road spot for the car.

Now that we're home again I think I'll help Denise find some more places to wander.

--- Rover
along Park Loop Road
foggy morning in Acadia National Park

bright red groundcover
along Route 1A, somewhere between Ellsworth & Bangor, Maine