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Friday, June 10, 2016

door, covered

With renovations complete I had one remaining item, adding blinds to the sliding glass door in the living room. The old blinds were not in great shape so I opted to discard them at the start of the renovation. I thought about leaving the door uncovered since there is open land behind my place. No one walks back there except neighbors walking between units so there isn't really a privacy issue.

Even knowing that no one is standing at the door looking in, sitting in the living room with the lights on when it is dark outside drove my decision to add the option of a covered door.

I knew I wanted vertical blinds, and I knew I wanted something simple that would not draw attention away from the photos that live on the walls. I started by looking at sample books from two blind manufacturers at Home Depot, finding nothing that met my needs. That seemed odd to me since I was looking for simple and white. Hmm... I continued my search online.

I chose blinds from Stoneside Blinds & Shades. The company has sales offices across the country with a manufacturing facility in Denver. Abby, one of their design consultants, brought samples to my house. I selected at blind that has a pattern to it where the pattern is embossed but entirely white. Abby measured the door but before the blinds were ordered the installer, Andrew, came and measured again. Just over three weeks after measurement, Andrew returned to install the blinds.

During the installation we discovered that the door wasn't quite straight. With the blind mounting hardware completely level the look to my eyes (and Andrew's too) showed the blind as sloping a little bit to the right. It took several adjustments before the lines looked right to me. Before declaring the installation complete Andrew took the time to patch the holes from the initial tries.

The blinds are exactly what I needed to finish the renovation.

I'm happy!

vertical blinds from Stoneside

vertical blinds from Stoneside