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Sunday, June 26, 2016

a bird's beach

Today was a totally unplanned day. Before I moved from the house I received an email from the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge requesting help. The beach was attracting people, and there were no plover wardens scheduled.

I called the gatehouse to let them know I was coming, and started my trek to the water. I spent several hours on the beach stopping the occasional (people) incursion, attempting to explain that the beach belongs to the birds, and chatting with some interesting people.

I was posted at the south end of the refuge at the "border" between the national wildlife refuge and Sandy Point State Reservation. Most people were understanding but there were a few who were quite unhappy when I stopped them from proceeding onto the refuge beach. As I was heading out I stopped to chat with the state park ranger who was posted in the parking lot. She told me a couple of people complained about my stopping them; her response to me was "good job!".

I'm glad I'm able to help.

a bird's beach, at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge
plovers are too tiny for me to catch but these sea gulls were happy to pose

The latest refuge piping plover population count shows that there are 42 pairs of plovers, 20 nests, and 51 chicks living on the beach at Parker River.