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Sunday, July 12, 2015

to Plum Island

It's July and the beach at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is closed to humans. The piping plovers take over on April 1st each year; two-legged beings are allowed on the beach again when the nesting season is completed. July is way too early! Even knowing that I decided Plum Island was a good destination for today. After my city walk yesterday I felt the need for a calming walk along the water. I decided the wetlands side of the refuge would satisfy that need.

My first stop was the bridge to Plum Island. It was about an hour after high tide when I arrived. The sky was bland, no clouds and little color, the water wore ripples and a steel blue color that complimented the green of the marsh grass.

looking to the north from the bridge to Plum Island

The light breeze stopped for a few minutes while I was wandering the inland side of the refuge. Luckily it started again pretty quickly because it is greenhead fly season and ouch! they bite! I swatted a few away before the breeze kicked in again and kept me comfortable.

it's piping plover nesting season... that means this beach is owned by the birds!

There are six and a half miles of beach in the refuge, all owned by the birds.