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Sunday, July 26, 2015

a surprise destination

Knowing that it might not be a good destination on a summer afternoon I still headed to Rockport yesterday, hoping to walk in Halibut Point State Park. My uneasy feeling slapped me in the face when I arrived at the road leading to the parking lot to see a "full" sign with an indication that the parking lot would reopen in a half hour. Hmmm... how does the park staff know there will be spaces for more cars in that timeframe?

This is the first visit to the park that stopped me in my tracks, but then again arriving in the early afternoon on a cool summer day is something I'd never tried before.

I turned around, thinking I would find another place to walk for a bit, then return.

I was lucky, turning towards the sea down a random street a little closer to the town center (but not leading to the town center as I knew I was unlikely to find parking there). There were wider streets off of that street that looked to support parking - at least there weren't any "no parking" signs as there were on the narrower streets. I left the car and started walking.

I found a public path leading out onto the rocky coastline, wandering there for a while.

along a rocky coastline

My next stop was a small harbor where I was treated with the view of fishing boats reflecting in the calm waters.

fishing boats, mirrored water

It was a good wander in a new-to-me spot along the coast. It satisfied my need to listen to the ocean waves.

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