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Monday, February 09, 2015

snow day

I'm so glad the world has changed in a way that makes it both reasonable and easy to work from home. With snow forecast to last all day and into the evening I settled in to work at home, no driving on snowy roads. It's still snowing; the winter storm warning is posted until 4 AM on Tuesday.

I haven't seen an actual amount for the town where I live but I did see this snow total map:

snow totals as of late afternoon on 9 February 2015
snow total map courtesy of The Boston Globe

The map shows Boston with 27 inches from this multiday storm. I live somewhere between the 16 and 18 inch designation to the north of Boston. This is our third major storm in two weeks, and I'm hearing that there may be another one on the way before the end of this week. I so hope the forecast is wrong!

updated snow totals on 10 February 2015

The snow total map in the Boston Globe has been updated this morning showing 31 inches of snow in Boston and 20 inches in the area where I live during the multi-day storm that just passed through!

We've had so much snow that there are a number of places - including Boston and Logan Airport - that have requested and been given permission to dump snow into Boston Harbor. Even with the large snow melting machines that Boston uses the "snow farms" that are used for the snow removed from the streets are full.

Working from home allowed me to walk during daylight hours, always a good thing when the roads are narrower than normal. The temperature was 13 degrees, the wind was light (but there) so I bundled up for the cold.

As I walked I stopped to chat with a few people who were shoveling their driveways or the fire hydrants, I crossed to the other side of the road when I saw a plow coming my way, I marveled at the depth of the snow. There were many places where the snow pushed to the side of the road by the plows came up to my shoulder. There were other piles that were much taller than me. There were drifts and buried signs.

It was a good afternoon for a snowy walk.

snow, snow, snow!

Yes, of course, there is a road next to this sign!