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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

night walk

I know I need the sanity of outdoor exercise; this time of year that means walking after dark.

The streets are narrower than normal, snow encroaching on my walking space. Although my habit is to walk in a big loop my walks right now I need to follow an out-and-back path. The roads in the neighborhood just to the south of my place are barely cleared wide enough for 2 cars to pass, no room for walkers or runners there. Luckily there is a college campus just to the north. With students in residence the roads are always kept clear. Once I reached the far side of the campus I found that the town of Andover had been out with their sidewalk snow thrower so there was a walkable surface all of the way into the center of town. In some places it was easy walking, in others the snow was deep enough to mimic the feeling of walking on a sandy beach. No matter, it was good to walk.

The temperature this evening was hovering just above freezing making it feel nicely warm. I'm glad I had a chance to enjoy it because another arctic blast is said to be coming our way.