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Sunday, November 03, 2013

coastal walk

This morning greeted me with chilly temperatures and a gray sky. It would have been easy to opt for a lazy at home kind of day but I felt the urge to wander someplace where I hadn't been in a while. Kittery Point sounded like a good destination; it seems like I was there a short time ago but when I looked at the date on the last set of photos from there I found my last visit was in June.

A light rain started as soon as I pulled out of my drive. I crossed my fingers and kept driving. By the time I reached the bridge to Maine the rain had stopped. My first short walk was along Chauncey Creek Road and Cutts Island Lane. I've always been fascinated by the water in that area, inlets from the ocean. (The photo below is from that short walk.)

Finished with that spot, I moved on to Fort Foster. The park was closed but there is plenty of room to park along the edges of the entry road and it's a matter of ducking under a gate to gain entry. I wasn't alone in the park - there were people walking, alone, with dogs, with bikes.

The ocean was quiet, the sky was decorated with clouds of white against a gray background, there were colors in leaves and berries. It was a good choice for a Sunday morning wander.

trees across the water

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