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Sunday, March 31, 2013

a walk in the woods

Today's destination was Maudslay State Park, a continuation of what turned out to be a weekend of state park wanders for me.

I didn't expect flowers there this early in the season but I was delighted to find some tiny purple and white beauties in the garden. As I started walking away from the garden I saw a sea of green leaves decorated with white. There was an opening in a brick wall that was almost hidden by branches. I found my way through to a narrow walk descending through a sea of early season flowers. I think they were another variety of the snowdrops I saw last week.

I continued my walk after I stopped to enjoy the flowers, always watching where I placed my feet. The trail was dry in some places, very muddy in others. Luckily there was enough snow and ice around the mud to allow me to find non-muddy spots to place my feet!

tiny, purple and white

flower standing tall

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