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Friday, November 23, 2012

overwhelmed by death

an open letter to my dad...

It's the end of a life, the end of an era, the end of a partnership (a marriage of 61 years).

You have left many people behind, people who are very sad. You also left Bailey, your 4-legged pal. I suspect that Bailey's feelings of loss will be harder to deal with than ours. I'm so sorry that you're gone, but at the same time I feel a sense of relief that you are out of pain and at peace.

Dad, we'll carry a piece of you in our hearts forever.

from Suze's iPhone... dad & Bailey in October 2012Dad and Bailey, November 2005
Ed Goldberg: May 22, 1929 - November 22, 2012

A few more photos to tweak your memories can be viewed in the gallery memories of Dad.