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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Today's forecast was for a repeat of the hot humid weather that has been enveloping a good chunk of the country this week. Temperatures were targeted to rise into the 90s, an improvement over yesterday but still hot. I thought an early morning ride sounded like a good idea, with 7 AM popping up in my mind as a good starting time.

I heard the sound of rain on the windows when I woke up. Uh oh! not my favorite riding conditions.

I opted to wait for warmer drier air, heading out in the late morning. I rode by a falling down shed of sorts, with a piece of aluminum roofing draped down to the water, reflecting. I was sans camera, but I took a chance that the sunshine would still be creating photos - my bike turned towards home, I finished my ride, grabbed my camera, and headed back to Harold Parker State Forest.

disintegrating cabin, aluminum roof peeling back, reflecting

reflections in a pond, Harold Parker State Forest

A few more photos from my quick jaunt can be seen in the gallery Summer days... 2011, starting with this photo and ending here.