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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rain, rain, snow!

Brr! It was a cold rainy day. And yes, it was still a walking day.

Today's layers got closer to winter layers than the month of the year dictates. It was just above 40 degrees when I headed out, nippy and wet. By the time I returned home the temperature had dropped to a very nippy 36 degrees. Yikes! It's really too early in the season for this.

My feet were clad in my winter hiking shoes rather than my normal running shoes. I was going to wear the running shoes but then I remembered a very good purchase I made last winter - a pair of waterproof snow boots I ordered from Lands' End. Now I never believe waterproof claims, so I was pleasantly surprised when I wore them through some very wet snowfalls last winter. And oh! I was so happy today to have dry warm feet after my long wet walk.

autumn leaves, tree shedding

No, I wasn't walking with a camera in the rain, but the sight of this tree made me drive back out to capture the image. By the time I got home the second time, the water falling from the sky was joined by big wet flakes of snow. I don't think that the word snowflake does a good job of describing them though; snowplop seems much more descriptive.
What do you mean snowplop isn't a word? Don't you think it is a good descriptive word?