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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today is my brother's birthday. It was always a time to chat, to catch up with each other. Now? It serves as a time to remember him. It seems like yesterday when Neal lost his battle with cancer, and yet that day of death was over a year ago.

Neal touched many people, family, friends, colleagues. Our dad has stayed in touch with Neal's boss, and she recently shared the description of a Spirit Award the company has created:

"In memory of Neal Goldberg, this award will go to the individual who epitomizes the spirit and heart exhibited by Neal. Despite the many challenges he faced with regard to his illness, Neal not only remained committed to our company and ready to assist his associates when asked, but did so with a fun loving spirit and a good heart. Neal demonstrated a resilience and strength that is worthy of being recognized and remembered."
That brought tears to my eyes. And it brought the realization that Neal was special to more than just his family and friends, that he brought his gifts to others in his world too.

I'm holding on to my memories of Neal.
A part of him remains with me. Always...