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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Listening to the rain

Today was a day of heavy rain, freezing rain, beginning to coat surfaces with icy wonder.

It's really been a roller coaster of a week. Tuesday night I was out walking, bundled up to handle an air temperature of 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrr... It was cold, but I was walking, warm. Wednesday brought warmer conditions, with an increase of 30 degress in temperature. It felt like I was walking in absolute warmth, although I know that a few months ago I would have felt chilled waltzing through air at 47 degrees. It's amazing what you can adapt to, isn't it?

Tonight I came home to pouring rain with the temperature just below freezing. That sounded like a very good excuse for a rest day.

My cameras? Hiding! I'm really missing my late day walks or rides accompanied by my toys. There's just not enough light in the early morning or evening hours. I'm walking adorned with flashing lights to make sure that I can be seen, but there's just not enough light for camera play. Here's hoping for some good weekend wanders.