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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No right turn?

What? I haven't been able to turn left out of (or into) my place since the end of May. That's when construction started on the section of road right in front of my drive. It's a busy section of road, two lanes in either direction with turn lanes and a center divider. The section of road that was being replaced is relatively short; I'd be surprised if it is even a quarter of a mile.

Wouldn't you think a relatively short section of road could be totally removed and rebuilt within the scope of weeks? Nope, the construction has been going on for over four months now. I've only been able to turn right out of here and turn right into the drive for that entire time. This afternoon I was surprised with a newly grooved and blocked off section of roadway. This time I couldn't see an entry between the barrels so that I could turn right into my road.

Now what? I zipped around again (a couple of mile around, that is), and cut through the Merrimack College campus to gain access to my road. I have to admit, this lack of direct access is getting pretty old.

The road was in really poor shape, so the rebuild was really needed. But hey! Enough, already! And the real killer is, since they are tackling very small sections each year I would bet that there is a similar access (or should I say lack of access?) problem again next year.