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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Solving a puzzle

The pieces of the puzzle? Me, camera clicking, bicycle wheels rolling, feet tramping, searching for beautiful places, seeking people who live in those beautiful places, rambling, absorbing...

Three full months of the year are gone, and I still haven't completely settled on vacation plans for 2008. Decisions have started though.

I need a long weekend relatively soon. My planned escape is a bit further out in the future than I'd like, but escaping from work right now would have me returning to a still crazy project. I'd rather get to a reasonable resting point in the office before I disappear, even for a short long-weekend. My first escape? I'll be starting with a long weekend (repeat) visit to Zion National Park in early June,

Funny, I have a September trip partially planned while plans for rolling on two (bicycle) wheeles - probably in July - haven't jumped out of my head yet. Right now I'm leaning toward a New England or Atlantic Canada wander. One of these days I'll figure it out, hopefully soon.

A puzzle, a conundrum, still to be solved...