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Monday, September 03, 2007

Memories, a good-bye too soon

An open letter to my brother...

Death, peace... they may seem to some to be opposites, but to me they are truly intertwined.

A sorrowful end to a too-short life, and yet... I'm so glad you are finally out of pain. I'm sorry that you're no longer here to share the joy of our lives, but yes, I'm glad your pain is gone. My tears aren't gone, but I know that they will eventually recede into the background, just as I know that my memories of you will stay, will be a comfort, and will at times even make me laugh.

The last time I saw you was yesterday, but the last time that you were able to speak to me was a week ago, on August 25th. The last thing you said to me on that day was "Don't worry, I'll be OK. I love you." A loving goodbye... that was so in character. To the end you kept your focus outward, worrying about others instead of yourself.

And, oh Neal, I'll remember you; I'll carry you in my heart forever.