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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Visiting, hoping

It was a very long day today, beginning with a very early flight from Manchester, and ending with a later than expected flight from Philadelphia back to Manchester. I needed to see my brother, to deliver a kiss to him in person as opposed to sending it winging through the air. I suspect that my long day pales in comparison with Neal's though; I hope beyond hope that he has no memory of the very difficult days he is living through right now.

Severe pain was finally stilled (for the most part) by the use of serious doses of painkilling medications. Unfortunately, over the last several weeks, something took Neal into another world, one that doesn't appear (from the outside looking in) to be a rational space.

The cause of this change is still unknown, but there appear to be two possible causes. It may be caused by drug toxicity, or (I don't want to even think this) it may be the cancer, moving, spreading. We are all hoping that his condition (which has been tagged with a diagnosis of acute delirium) is caused by drugs.

Please come back to us Neal...

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