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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Crisp air and sunshine...

...a good riding day

Weather last weekend and shorter daylight hours (and my one-day jaunt to visit my brother in Philadelphia) contrived to keep me off of my bike since I got home from Nova Scotia. I should be able to squeeze in short rides after week for the next few weeks, but that means I need to be at work early enough to head out at 4 o'clock. Somehow, that didn't happen this week. No complaints though, because I think I really needed the rest.

Today was a gem though, sunshine, a blue sky spotted with bright white clouds, temperatures in the high 50s, the feeling of fall in the air. And while the trees are still predominantly green, the colors of fall are starting to emerge. My bicycle wheels rolled down quiet roads not too far from home, and my baby camera came along for the ride to capture some early fall scenes.

A little bit of bright orange and a few yellows dressed up the green trees along the edge of Harold Parker State Forest.

Blue sky and cloud reflections

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