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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Yesterday I headed to Lowell for a walk along the canals, an exploration of sorts.

I was fascinated by a moving sculpture, Pawtucket Prism, created by Michio Ihara. The sculpture was created 30 years ago and it was restored last year.

Created by sculptor Michio Ihara, of Concord, in 1987, the old silver- and gold-colored cubes were water-powered, intended to be spun by water. But the cubes had corroded with the water-powered system too difficult to maintain.

The metal cubes are now new and balanced in order to be moved by the wind, the work done by Ihara.

from the article Pawtucket Prism reborn in the Lowell Sun

I stood for a bit to watch the movement of the cubes. It was both mesmerizing and calming.

Pawtucket Prism, by Michio Ihara

Photos of buildings, canals, and assorted art jumped into my camera as I walked. You can view the photos in the gallery a walk in Lowell, 2017.