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Friday, April 07, 2017

spicy guacamole

On Wednesday afternoon I volunteered for a couple of hours at the WBUR Marathon, a 26.2 hour fundraiser with the goal of raising $1,000,000 for the NPR news station. And yes, the goal was met and exceeded!

It was a good experience; I'll happily volunteer there again.

Food was provided for the volunteers and station staff. A late afternoon snack of chips and guacamole was supplied with a huge supply of guacamole; I assume it was donated by the (local) creator. At one point a staff member went through the event room handing out tubs of Chica de Gallo Spicy Guacamole to be taken home. I like guacamole and luckily I like spice as well since this variation was made with ghost peppers. It was a good taste treat!

chica de gallo spicy guacamole