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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

down the crazy tree

The title of an article in yesterday's Boston Globe jumped off the page at me. The article, Trump’s journey down the crazy tree by Michael A. Cohen, is well worth a read. I've included the first and last words below as a teaser.

This weekend Donald Trump fell off the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down.


But even if not true, the president’s weekend tweetstorm speaks to something even more worrisome — Donald Trump is an unhinged conspiracy troll who is temperamentally and psychologically unsuited to be president of the United States. Whatever the results of the Russia investigations, Trump’s inability to discharge the powers and duties of his office has become impossible to ignore.

credit: Michael A. Cohen, Boston Globe

The events of the weekend clearly caught the eyes of many. I stumbled on words posted by Stephen King on Twitter - little about this president (or perhaps I should call him a non-president) makes me smile, but King's tweets were smile-provoking.

tweets by Stephen King about Donald Trump