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Sunday, September 11, 2016

life transition

It's hard to believe that just over six months have gone by since the day I was told I was to be laid off. It was somewhat of a surprise but not totally unexpected given that the company had been going through rounds of terminations over the last several years.

I was given 3 months notice and told to use the time to figure out my next steps rather than continuing to work. I feel like I spent the first six weeks bouncing off of walls, trying to decide what to do. I created a new resume and a profile on linkedin, I took some online classes designed to help with the next steps, I thought and thought, and...

The first session I took was a seminar on retiring, perhaps a sign to me, an early series of thoughts. I had planned to work for another two years; my unexpected work termination gave me a chance to rethink the time.

Ultimately I decided the time was right for me to retire.

I am volunteering at two places where over the years I was often to be found with my camera. It feels good to give back to these treasured places. I am staying active, taking classes and swimming at the local YMCA plus heading out on my own too. And, no surprise, I am focusing on my photography.

Life is good.

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