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Thursday, August 11, 2016

time zone

I read an article in the Boston Globe today about a proposal to move Massachusetts to Atlantic Standard Time. It's funny, I was sure that I had seen this (or a similar) proposal before.

A search turned up a proposal to move Maine to Atlantic Standard Time in 2005. Clearly that failed. Next I found an article from 2014 suggesting that Massachusetts switch time zones. It hasn't happened yet.

Today's article, Is it time for Mass. to move to a new time zone?, indicates that a task force to study if Massachusetts should leave Eastern Standard Time behind was included in an economic development bill that was signed yesterday.

I've always thought that the Eastern Time Zone in the northern part of the country was too wide. And switching between daylight and standard time doesn't make sense (to me). The new proposal apparently is to move the state into Atlantic Standard Time and to forego the switch to daylight time. That means our time would match that of Eastern Time when daylight time is in effect and would be an hour ahead during the standard time months. I wonder if Atlantic time is in our future.