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Sunday, March 13, 2016

product review :: FITT Gear Running Belt

When I'm out wandering with my camera my phone is usually tucked into my camera bag but when I'm walking for exercise that's often not the case. I always wear my RoadID which provides easy access to emergency contacts and insurance information but sometimes having a phone handy feels like a good idea. Recently I looked for something that would allow me to easily carry my phone (without noticing that it was there, no bouncing in a pocket!).

I found the FITT Gear Running Belt on Amazon. It has a slim profile with one pocket large enough for a cell phone and a second smaller pocket suitable for keys, credit cards, and perhaps a bit of cash. When it arrived I pulled it out of the shipping envelope, saw it's very narrow profile, and figured the phone wouldn't fit. Luckily my quick impression was incorrect; the phone fits with room to spare.

The belt is adjustable from 24 to 48 inches. It was comfortable to wear and quite stable. As I moved the (loaded) belt stayed in place.

I haven't had wet weather for a water resistance test yet but I did hold it under running water with the water hitting both the fabric and the zipper. After my quick water test I unzipped it to find a completely dry interior.

If you're looking to carry your phone easily when you're exercising or just going about your everyday activities I highly recommend this product.

FITT Gear Running Belt
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Update on 10/7/2017: the FITT Gear running belt that I have has disappeared from Amazon but it appears that this product is a match.