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Sunday, January 24, 2016

wild waves

Today's late morning high tide at Hampton Beach was really high. As I drove towards the shore on Route 101 I saw that the water in the wet areas to the side of the road was higher than a normal high tide. Then I reached a rather large puddle stretching across the road. Not sure of the depth I turned down a different road, reaching the beach a bit further south than my initial route. As soon as I saw the ocean I knew I needed to stop!

The waves were wild, leaving no beach for walking. Hampton Beach has a concrete wall separating the beach from sidewalk and road, providing a walking location for this no beach day. I've never seen the water swallow up all of Hampton Beach before; there is usually beach available even at high tide.

Two women and two dogs ventured through the wet to walk by the edge of the waves.

two women and two dogs walking too close to the waves

I saw a bit of beach and started to head down the stairs when I saw the next set of waves crashing higher and higher, covering the very edge of the sand.

I stayed away from the wild water. I stood at the edge of the sea wall, listening to the ocean and watching the waves.

wild waves