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Friday, December 18, 2015

heading north and east

This morning was a time of driving to the north and east. Denise & I were headihg for a quick escape, a December visit to Acadia National Park.

Denise said she would like to see the park decorated with snow but I don't think that will happen on this trip. The temperature stayed in the mid-40s for most of the day. It's supposed to be a bit chillier tomorrow, but I'm sure we'll be OK. Denise brought extra fleece layers, some for her and extras for me and Blue to wrap ourselves in.

It's a good thing that I was keeping an eye on Denise as she drove up I-95. We crossed several bridges with stellar views of reflections where I knew she really wanted to stop. I reminded her that it's not OK to stop on an interstate highway, especially when the cars are moving at 70 miles per hour (and higher). Hmm... I wonder if she would have stopped if I hadn't been with her.

We're in Ellsworth, Maine right now. Did you know that the sun sets here earlier than it does at home? Sunset at home today was at 4:12 PM. Sunset here was at 3:54 PM. That seems kind of funny to me. I guess it's because of where we are situated in the time zone.

--- Rover

Rover and Blue on the Schoodic Peninsula friend Blue & me on the Schoodic Peninsula back in October