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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

bouncing, then flying!

Oh! It's time to bounce around the house to make sure Denise has everything we need to travel. Soon, in just a couple of days, it will be time to fly!

Remember when I last wrote back in June? I told you that I heard Denise talking with someone about Badlands National Park. And guess what! That's where we are heading. I'm so excited!

The closest airport to the park is in Rapid City, South Dakota. We can't get there from here on only one airplane so we're doing something that may seem a little silly and flying into Denver. It's only partially silly though because it's a non-stop flight, we'll drive to Badlands, and then when we head back to Colorado we'll be staying with some good friends of Denise's in Colorado Springs. They are going to meet us for part of the time in Badlands too.

Did you know there are only 5 states that Denise hasn't visited yet? By the end of the day on Friday that number should (will!) be down to two since we'll be driving through Nebraska on our way to South Dakota. The other three are Arkansas, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Maybe someday I'll help Denise plan visits to those states too.

Denise is working on the day that we're flying. She said she'll leave a little earlier than usual to come home before heading to the airport for our evening flight. Our travel day is going to be a really long day. I hope Denise manages to sleep a bit on the plane. She's not very good at that but maybe I've planted the idea early enough to help.

--- Rover

dreaming of travel!