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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

still thinking

Hmm... it's June; I really thought that Denise would have settled on some wandering spots for this year by now. I'm sure we'll head back to Acadia sometime in the fall but we need a longer escape to someplace far from home too.

I heard Denise talking with a friend about (maybe) visiting Badlands National Park in South Dakota. I've never been to that state and Badlands is supposed to be beautiful so I hope we go there.

I was sitting with her when she started looking at places in Quebec and in Atlantic Canada. And then sometimes she looks across the big water to the east. It seems like there are places floating in her mind but she just hasn't made a decision (or plans!).

I wonder... maybe this year we will travel without making plans ahead of time. Do you think that would work?

--- Rover
Rover, standing on the rocks that line the coast in Acadia National Park
Rover, standing on the rocks lining the coast in Acadia National Park