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Sunday, March 01, 2015

beach walk

I headed to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge today in the hopes of satisfying my need for a walk on the beach.

There is still a lot of snow on the ground, too much depth to traverse without snowshoes or skis. Given that I was hoping to walk for a while on the beach I crossed my fingers and didn't bring my snowshoes - I simply took a chance and headed east.

The road in the refuge was cleared to a point a few miles in, barely wide enough for 2 cars to pass. I stopped at the (partially plowed) parking area for the second boardwalk and looked at what appeared to be deep snow leading to the boardwalk. Just as I popped out of the car I saw two people headed down through the snow. They told me that the snow between the parking area and the boardwalk was tramped down to a pretty solid surface and that the boardwalk was clear. Awesome!

Given the amount of snow that we've had over the last month I was surprised to find not a bit of white on the boardwalk. The snow was always light and fluffy; perhaps the wind cleared the boardwalk.

snow, stamped into a trail of sorts         a clear surface on the boardwalk

I reached the beach to find pure magic.

It was mid-tide, with the tide heading out. There were long pools of water between the snow and the ocean, sandwiched with broad bands of sand. There were places where I could step across the pools of water so I was able to wander from ocean to the snow.

sand, water, snow... at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

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