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Friday, June 06, 2014


It was a day of looping the pieces of Acadia that live on the eastern side of the island. Denise borrowed a CD driving tour of the park from Evin so we could listen to stories about the park and the landscape as we were driving. We never listened before; I think I even learned a few new things as we wandered.

The weather was much better than yesterday's solid rain but we still did get a bit wet. The day went from dry to drizzly to dry to rainy to dry. Everyone was glad to have raincoats (or dry camera bags) to hide from the wet. It was a little warmer today but still not warm enough to be wet and comfortable.

We stopped at a few places and walked a little bit. Denise always likes to see the space behind Sand Beach with mountains reflecting in the water so of course we stopped for a beach walk. Next we stopped at Thunder Hole so Denise's mom and sister could stand and watch and listen. Denise and I did some wandering on the big rocks there. We stopped in a few more spots and walked on the path next to the very rocky shore high above the water. We could hear the ocean, and sometimes we could hear birds singing.

Lunchtime brought a repeat visit to Jordan Pond House. We were lucky; the heavy rain came while we were inside!

The top of Cadillac Mountain was almost totally fogged in. Hazy shapes of trees were visible, so beautiful! As we descended the mountain the sky started to clear.

--- Rover

from Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park