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Thursday, April 03, 2014

fixed! fast

I was delighted to receive a fixed lens today.

At the end of the 2nd day in Arizona one of my (camera) lenses stopped working. When I clicked the shutter the camera showed "Err 1". The message suggested that I clean the lens contacts. Hmm... I tried that. Afterwards I could take a single photo; the error reappeared on the next one. The other lenses I had with me continued to work so I was sure it was the lens and not the camera. I used the other lenses for the rest of my wanders in Arizona but I knew I needed to get the misbehaving lens fixed quickly. The problem lens was a 24-105L - a lens I knew I would want in my hands as the spring flowers start to emerge.

I had let my Canon Professional Services (CPS) membership lapse. I called to see how long it would take to reactivate and I was told it would take a day to have all of their systems update. Given the expedited and discounted repairs available through the program I decided to renew my CPS Gold membership.

I packed up the lens and shipped it to Canon on Monday. UPS Ground service between here and the repair center in New Jersey takes just one day so Canon had the misbehaving lens in their hands by Tuesday. Today I received my fixed lens. And yes, the first thing I did when I got home was to head out to verify that the lens is fixed. It is, and I'm happy.

crocus in purple and white

Was it worth renewing the CPS Gold membership? I think it was. It guaranteed a maximum of 3 days repair time, plus provided a discount on labor and free return shipping. (The repair total was $215. Without CPS Gold I would have paid $291.) From the $100 membership fee, $75 came right back to me in discounts. The peace of mind of knowing the repair would be done quickly made the extra $25 well worth paying - plus I have the ability to use the program though the next year.