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Saturday, February 15, 2014

of birds and butterflies

Today's impending snow storm changed my plans for today. Instead of heading up the coast of Maine to visit with a friend I stayed closer to home. The Butterfly Place in Westford opened for the year yesterday; that seemed like a good spot for a visit this morning. It's much smaller than Magic Wings but it's also closer to home, a very reasonable drive for a short visit with butterflies and birds.

Butterflies were flitting, occasionally lighting on a surface to pose for photos. The butterflies are beautiful but it was the birds that really made me smile today. I asked what name this beautiful bird (below) wears and was told that it was a finch. It took a bit of searching to discover that the bird is a zebra finch.

zebra finch, talking to me!
a male zebra finch, talking to me!

zebra finch, female
a female zebra finch wearing a more more subtle look

More photos from today's visit to The Butterfly Place can be viewed in the gallery on the wings of butterflies starting with this photo and ending here.