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Sunday, December 02, 2012

crashing waves

I needed a good walk today, a walk along the ocean. Somehow walking the streets of Manhattan over the last month didn't satisfy my need for quiet wanders.

I arrived at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge just after high tide this afternoon as the temperature edged into the mid-40s. That's a little warmer than winter walking temperature, calling for a few light layers and constant motion. The waves crashed along the shore, filling the air with a steady roar, a pleasant sound to accompany my wander along the beach.

I walked and I watched a flock of sanderlings standing just inland from the high tide line. I'm always fascinated by the movements of these birds; today I was equally fascinated by their stance. Some were standing on one leg, head tucked into body. Some were standing on two legs, looking around. They appeared to be happy to share their ocean with me.

waves curling, crashing

sanderlings line the sand, facing crashing waves

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