Denise Goldberg's blog

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Wow - that was fast. We're packed and ready to take off (even though we're not leaving tomorrow). You know about Denise and packing, right? She feels calmer if she packs a day early. She says that way if she forgets something she still has time to remember it. I'm not sure that makes sense but if it makes Denise happy then I think that's a good thing.

I helped by organizing things while Denise was at work today, but the fast pack was probably because of the practice we had with our trip to Wyoming. Denise brought some slightly heavier layers this time because the weather forecast says that the overnight temperatures might be in the thirties some nights. Oh, and because if we're high in the mountains it might be cooler during the day too.

My red coat keeps me toasty warm so I don't need as many layers as Denise does. I also know I can always hide in the camera bag if it gets too cold and windy. Or I can jump into a pocket in Denise's fleece jacket. That's always a good warm spot.

--- Rover