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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I checked the Portsmouth Memorial Bridge webcam on Thursday and I saw a bridge section that was missing the structure that supported the lift section of the bridge. The deconstruction was continuing.

Not knowing when the final section would be removed, I decided that today was a good day for a bridge visit. That was a good thing since when I arrived I found the remaining bridge section was sitting on a barge, waiting for a float out.

I found it interesting to see how the bridge section was perched on piles of what looked from a distance like railroad ties. I suspect that the wood was longer than railroad ties; it was difficult to tell from my viewing spot.

bridge section on barge, Memorial Bridge, Portsmouth NH

Memorial Bridge section, waiting for float out

And here's Miss Yvette, the tugboat next to the barge bearing the bridge section, patiently waiting to push.

tugboat waiting

More photos from today's visit can be found in the gallery Rebuilding a bridge, Portsmouth NH starting with this photo and ending here.