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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Slowly emerging

We've been home for 3 days now, and Denise is still wandering through the photos from our desert wander. I just reminded her of the starter gallery we used after our Newfoundland trip; she decided that was a good idea for this set of photos too. She's going to stash some favorite photos in the gallery A smattering of desert images. Take a look now, but check back again because more images will be jumping in to that gallery as Denise continues to go through the photos.

It was really windy when we were in Death Valley - look! my ears were flying in the wind as I bounced down the salt flats!

Oh! You probably want to see some photos of our wanders too, don't you? The first photo (below) was taken from the Keystone Thrust Hike in Red Rock Canyon. Yes, that really is snow on the trail. Luckily there was dry ground too so my feet stayed warm. The second photo is in Death Valley, heading south from the Golden Canyon trailhead. The two parks are very different looking, aren't they?
--- Rover

hiking the Keystone Thrust Trail, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Death Valley National Park, heading south from the Golden Canyon trailhead