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Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey weather wizard!

Is it my fault? Did you paint the weather map a deep shade of blue because I washed the salt off of my car to let the bright blue color of my 4-wheeled transportation shine without a covering of dirty white? There must be a better reason than that for your current plans to dump (multiple) inches of snow on us on Wednesday. Is there a reason you can share with us?

I watched the National Weather Service paint the map in colors as the hours passed today. At first the western part of Massachusetts was painted deep blue. The forecast for the Boston area did call for snow, but there was no indication of the possible depth. That dark blue hue on the weather map edged closer to the coast, surrounding the Boston metropolitan area but not covering it. And then... I looked again, and that dark blue paint now covers almost the entire state. Yikes!

weather map
Forecast map courtesy of the Boston, MA office of the National Weather Service

Hey weather wizard! What happened to our coastal New England weather eased by the calming influence of the ocean? It seems to be missing this year. And oh! it appears that you plan to grace us with snow once again.

I'm so glad that I can work at home on snowy days like the one we expect on Wednesday.