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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ice and water

The air wears a chill feel. The temperature has jumped above freezing for part of the past couple of days, leaving lakes partially frozen. A walk in Harold Parker State Forest this afternoon allowed me to see reflections in both ice and water.

reflections on ice and water

Monday, January 16, 2017


I was going to say that I had a nice lazy day today when I realized that my 5.2 mile exercise walk this afternoon made it impossible to classify the day as a lazy one!

It was a quiet day, time to sit, to read, to relax.

before the flower, a budding orchid

Sometimes I need a day like this!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

a greenhouse visit

Cold temperatures this morning plus a desire for bright colors convinced me it was a good day for a greenhouse visit. I headed for the Lyman Estate to wander through the flowers, soaking in both warmth and color.

I need to remember to repeat my visit in a little over a month. One of the greenhouses is filled with camellias that usually are in full bloom from mid-February through mid-March.

Visit our celebrated collection of camellias in the 1804 camellia house at the Lyman Estate Greenhouses. Many of the trees are more than one hundred years old. At this time of year, they put forth a profusion of blossoms in all sizes and shapes.

from the Lyman Estate Greenhouses website
bougainvillea in bright pink

More color can be seen in the gallery greenhouses of Lyman Estate :: 2017.

Friday, January 13, 2017

up and down

Yesterday's record warmth was a gift; today the temperature started dropping for a few days of cold before jumping back into winter warmth again. It feels like we are on a roller coaster.

Yesterday's high was 61 degrees; today started in the 50s and dropped during the day. My walk this morning was accompanied by temperatures in the mid-40s. Luckily I'm pretty good at figuring out reasonable layers to support outdoor activity at different temperatures.

temperature forecast 1/13/2017 - 1/19/2017
chart courtesy of the Boston office of the National Weather Service

The weekend will be cold but it looks like there will be another warmup by mid-week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

winter warmth

The weather wizard brought us a real treat today, warm air! The rising temperature was accompanied by rain overnight; when I woke up this morning most of the snow was gone.

With temperatures in the low 50s it felt like a good day for a long (exercise) walk. By the time I returned home this afternoon my feet had covered just over eight miles.

hibiscus, at Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory
a bit of color, from last week's butterfly conservatory visit

Monday, January 09, 2017


Yesterday's cold walk at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge was accompanied by the calming sound of ocean waves.

waves, at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, January 08, 2017

blue sky

A bright blue sky highlighted the snow left behind by yesterday's storm. Snow on the ground here looked to total about 4 inches, much less than the coastal areas south of Boston where East Bridgewater had much higher totals. The winner was East Bridgewater with 19.5 inches of newly fallen snow.

I headed to the Parker River Wildlife Refuge earlier than usual this afternoon. I was scheduled to volunteer at the visitor center today; I wanted to walk on the beach first. The area close to the dunes were quite interesting with layers of snow, ice, and sand.

It was a chilly but good walk.

snow and sand on the beach at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

Saturday, January 07, 2017


Until the middle of the week the long range forecast for today showed chilly air without precipitation. The forecast changed.

looking down a snowy road

Can you see the snow flying?

It is currently 19 degrees outside with snow and freezing fog. The snow started around noon; the forecast calls for it to taper off by around 1 AM. The current "Most Likely Snowfall" map on the National Weather Service site calls for a total snowfall (near my home) between 6 and 8 inches.

Weather like this makes me realize how lucky I am to live next to a small college. It gives me a very reasonable place to walk when roads are slippery and visibility is poor. I had a good exercise session this afternoon walking circles on the college campus.

snow-covered berries, a pop of red and white

Pinata apples

It's been a good season for new-to-me apples.

My latest taste treat is a Pinata apple. It's a cross between three heirloom apples - Golden Delicious, Cox's Orange Pippen, and Duchess of Oldenburg. I find it interesting that even though I don't care for Golden Delicious apples this triple apple combination created a crisp and juicy apple with a taste that I like. I'm glad I decided to try it!

Pinata apple

Friday, January 06, 2017

winter thinking

The winter season lends itself to quiet introspection. It's a good time to look back, to look forward and plan, to just be.

I read another photographer's New Year's resolutions a few days ago; she really made me think. I don't have any big plans, just ordinary, everyday things. I want to continue to grow as a photographer, to always be a good friend, to explore the world around me. I want to notice the little things.

I think Lisa Bettany's words in her blog post are perfect:

"Look outside. Notice the little things. The sunlight dancing on the grass. Watch the clouds pass by. Listen to the wind. Feel the ground underneath you, supporting you. Try to connect to your surroundings. Be present in that moment."

written by Lisa Bettany

Although the title of the blog post is "New Year's resolutions every photographer should make in 2017" I can easily see her words applying to other things as well. Read Lisa's powerful blog post here, substituting your life activity for photography. What do you think?