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Friday, November 28, 2014

a first visit

The sun was shining, the air was cold and dry. It was a good day for a first visit to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ.

I was fascinated by the sculptures (by Seward Johnson) that were scattered through the sculpture park. Some were human-sized; it was sometimes difficult to tell if the figures I was seeing were sculptures or people. Some were many times human-sized; a statue of Marilyn Monroe is 26 feet tall, just amazing.

sculpture by Seward Johnson at Grounds for Sculpture
sculpture by Seward Johnson

The Seward Johnson: The Retrospective exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture has been extended through July of 2015.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

bare branches

Yesterday's snow has moved on leaving a dusting of white on the ground and a sky filled with gray clouds.

at Valley Forge National Historical Park
in Valley Forge National Historical Park
photo by phone

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

a pop of pink

It's late autumn; the trees are wearing bare branches and the sky is cloudy gray. I feel the need for a pop of color so I've pulled a flower (photo) from late September.

a pop of pink


The cooler air of autumn changed the grasses of the salt marsh in the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge from green to gold. There were many water-loving birds decorating the waters, happy to visit the marsh in any season.

golden grass, in a salt marsh

Monday, November 24, 2014

standing tall

Two trees, a rocky coastline, gathering clouds, an impending storm...

before the storm
Schooner Head, Acadia National Park

Sunday, November 23, 2014

clouds to blue

With the temperature forecast to be touching 60 degrees I knew I needed some outside wandering. I headed to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge for walks on both the inland and the ocean sides of Plum Island. When I arrived clouds were decorating the sky, sometimes blocking the late autumn low-in-the-sky sun. By the time I moved to the ocean side the sky was mainly clear (although I suppose the inland side might still have worn cloud decorations).

As always, the refuge was beautiful. I arrived just before high tide so walking on the beach was a bit slow, each step sinking into the sand. I much prefer brisk walking as the tide is going out since the newly exposed sand is smooth and hard. The tide schedule didn't cooperate today so it was a soft sand walk.

On the inland side of the refuge, sky wearing cloud decorations:

on the inland side of the Parker River National Wildlife refuge, sky decorated by clouds

On the ocean side, shades of blue:

looking north, on the ocean side of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge

More photos from today's wander can be seen in the gallery Parker River and... 2014 starting with this photo and ending here.

hawk posing

This beautiful bird was perched on a tree on the inland side of the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. It was clearly keeping an eye out for interesting food. Not too long after I stood by the side of the road to watch he dove for the ground, returning to a higher (and further away) perch with his prize.

hawk posing

Thursday, November 20, 2014

photos! Colorado Springs

Photos from last weekend's visit with friends in Colorado are ready for viewing in this gallery. There are images from Garden of the Gods, Ute Valley Park, and forest service land behind the house.

a smattering of Colorado images:

emerging rocks in different shapes and colors, in Garden of the Gods

Interested in words? You can find my ramblings in the blog entries tagged Colorado 2014-11.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


This iconic rock in Garden of the Gods is balanced on what appears to be a very small surface.

With an estimated weight of 700 tons, this sandstone beauty will likely fall at some point. Apparently it is protected from erosion (just a bit) by a layer of concrete surrounding its pedestal, applied by Grace Goerke Boughner's father in 1910. I was fascinated to read that. I was actually driven to look for information when I spotted what appeared to be man-made clumps of square red rocks supported some outcroppings a bit further back from Balanced Rock.

Are you interested in reading a sandstone story? Take a look at the article Balancing act: Iconic rock destined to fall, but when and how? in The Gazette, published on January 6, 2012.

balanced rock, garden of the gods


We had a delightful work break this afternoon. One of my colleagues told us about an owl sleeping in a tree just outside the building. I found it amazing to see how camouflaged he was, standing on a branch of an evergreen taking a nap.

an owl, an afternoon nap, hiding in plain sight

Yes, I know, it is quite difficult to see him. My camera doesn't usually accompany me to the office so this photo is courtesy of my phone.