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Sunday, May 24, 2015

photos! Acadia

Photos from my early May wander in Acadia are ready for viewing in this gallery.

It was a good escape, with wanders extending from the Schoodic Peninsula, around Mount Desert Island, and to Stonington on the next peninsula to the west.

Acadia and... May 2015:

along Park Loop Road, Acadia National Park

Interested in words too? You can find my ramblings in the blog entries tagged Acadia 2015-05.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

a Long Hill morning

It was a sunny, breezy, and chilly morning, a good time for a garden visit. I headed to Long Hill, a Trustees of Reservations property in Beverly. The web site says the peak bloom is in May and June. Somehow last year I only managed a single visit; I think I will try to visit again sometime in June.

There were tulips, azalea, and many other flowers, including many tiny, close-to-the-ground species. Forget-me-not were scattered throughout, tiny, blue, beautiful.


More photos from today can be viewed in the gallery Long Hill - 2015.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

first iris

In spite of what felt like a late entry point to spring this year the flowers seem to be following a normal blooming schedule. I saw my first iris today; last year's first iris photo was on May 25th. That's pretty close.

I'm looking forward to wandering in gardens, hoping to find more of these beautiful flowers.

first iris

behind Sand Beach

The water that pools behind Sand Beach creates interesting scenery. I look inland, I look to the ocean.

I see smooth waters reflecting clouds, a bit of sand, and a tiny glimpse of the ocean.

water behind Sand Beach, Acadia National Park
pooling water behind Sand Beach

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

variety in tulips

These very interesting flowers caught my eye as I walked through Bedrock Gardens on Saturday.

lily flowering tulips

I think they are a variety of lily flowering tulips.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

search "tricks"

I stumbled on a page of Google tips today. Two of them jumped out at me.

Did you know that if you type the word "tilt" into Google search that the search results page will be tilted? That made me laugh!

And did you know that you can run a timer for any amount of time? Type "timer" followed by the amount of time in the Google search bar to start a timer running. Just remember where the browser window lives so you can click "stop" to silence the beeping.

Google timer running

I wonder what other tricks are hiding in the search engine.

in the grass

As we move past the mid-point of May local gardens have moved from daffodils to tulips. There are still daffodils showing their colors though; during Sunday's wanders in Maudslay State Park I saw a grassy field full of yellow daffodils and dandelions.

late spring, daffodils

I loved seeing the daffodils standing in the grass. It's a treat to see flowers in a natural setting.

Monday, May 18, 2015

trillium in red

I've seen trillium before wearing blossoms in white. Yesterday I was introduced to the red version of trillium erectum. What a pretty flower!

a trillium in red

Sunday, May 17, 2015


We've been home just a day short of a week and I thought I'd better let you know that Denise is still going through her photos from our wanders in and around Acadia. It usually takes her a bit of time to get ready to share photos when we come back from a multi-day trip. I know that most of you know her habits - but then I thought people might wonder if there would be Acadia photos since Denise already shared a gallery from her visit to Bedrock Gardens yesterday. She hasn't forgotten; it just her takes a bit of time.

While we're waiting (yes, me too!) I thought I'd share an Acadia image from our wanders.

--- Rover

late day light from the top of Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park
late day light from the top of Cadillac Mountain

Maudslay morning

Maudslay State Park is an old estate with many azalea and rhododendron scattered about. Since the azaleas closer to home are in bloom I thought it was time for a visit. I found dogwood and some azalea blooming, more azalea in a bud stage, and a few rhododendron showing (early) flowers.

I think I'll need to return often to enjoy the flowers.

an early blooming rhododendron
an early blooming rhododendron