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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gear review :: f-stop Kenti

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed one of my old camera packs for a wander close to home with my camera + one lens and a couple of other small items. And yikes! it just wasn't comfortable to wear.

I haven't used it since I received my f-stop Loka late in April, preferring to give the newer larger pack a good test, to give myself a chance to be very familiar and comfortable with it. As I headed out wearing the old pack it was clear to me that it was time for a replacement for my smaller pack.

Just to be clear, the f-stop Loka remains my choice both for travel with my camera and for wandering near home with a good amount of photo gear. It was a new "wandering with less gear days" pack that was needed.

Since I was so happy with my Loka, the first (and last) place I looked for another bag was the f-stop site. I knew there was a smaller pack in the same category as the Loka; lucky for me there were two smaller bags so I even had a choice!

The bag that caught my eye was the Kenti. Unlike the Loka which loads from the back, the Kenti camera / lens compartments open from the side. Additional space is available above the camera compartment, an organizer pocket is located on the front, and it's apparently possible to slip a hydration bladder in the back. The description indicated that it is possible to fit two pro bodies in the bag with the equivalent of a 70-200mm lens attached to each. That sounded big enough, but since I usually have an L-bracket on my camera body to attach it to a tripod or monopod I picked up the phone to ask if the camera would still fit. I was assured that it would, and I ordered my Kenti that evening.

I've used it twice in the past week; it's everything that was promised. It easily carries my camera with lens mounted, plus additional lenses and filters. The hip belt allows me to shift the weight from shoulders to hips, making the loaded back very comfortable to carry. Since there the only external attachment points are on the hip belt, I also picked up a pair of Gatekeeper straps in the event that I am carrying a tripod / monopod and want to attach it to the bag.

There is a noticeable difference in the size of the two bags. The Loka is 8 inches deep, 12 inches wide, and 22 inches tall. The Kenti is also 8 inches deep, but smaller in the other dimensions - 11 inches wide and 17 inches tall. Both are comfortable to carry.

For me, the bags serve slightly different purposes. I'm sure that the Loka will continue to be my choice when I'm traveling. I'm also sure that I will use both bags when I'm wandering close to home; I'll pick the bag that best meets my needs for the day.

I'm happy!

f-stop Kenti f-stop Kenti