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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Timing is everything!

Crack! Flash! Splat... Crack!

Wow. Timing is everything. I was going to ride to work today but I thought better of it when I saw the forecast calling for a 30% chance of rain. Since I got up and moving early enough to ride to work I was at the office a good hour earlier than normal. That meant that I had a full day in by 3 o'clock. In early, out early...

The sky was painted a brilliant shade of blue and decorated with white puffy clouds when I arrived home. At that point I thought I made a mistake in not riding in to work today, but with my early day - plus the fact that today is the longest day of the year - there was plenty of (daylight) riding time left in the day.

Ah, it was time to head out to ride. I chose a big loop, rolling down the road, occasionally stopping to grab some photos, happy. The clouds were in an ever-changing state. Patches of dark clouds started to decorate the sky, but there was still sunshine with blue sky in the background.

Getting close to the end of my ride, closer to home... I was just 3 miles away when the sky started getting very dark. Today is the longest day of the year, it was close to 6:30, and it was no where near sunset. It was getting darker, darker, darker...

I was very lucky. I was about a quarter of a mile from home when a very loud crack of thunder filled my ears, accompanied by a bright flash of lightening. Crack! Flash! Rain drops started splatting against the pavement. Drops, heavy drops. I rode faster. Ah, home again. I opened the garage door and wheeled the bike inside - just as a very heavy downpour started. What timing! I have to say that I was very lucky tonight.

I think you can see by the sky in this photo why I thought it was safe to head out on my bike this afternoon.