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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot? Hot!

It's almost a week after the summer solstice and the weather wizard has graced us with a couple of very hot days. Today was the first, and apparently our mid- to high-90s temperatures will continue into tomorrow too.

I chose to ignore the dire heat predictions for today. I suppose I could blame it on my bike, but really, it was all me. My ride to work this morning was very pleasant, cool, but warm enough to ride in shorts and a sleeveless jersey, no need for knee (warmth) protection. The ride home? It was hot! Funny though, as long as I was moving forward I was quite comfortable. As soon as I stopped I could feel the heat rising off of me.

For someone who (almost) always has a camera with her, you would think that I would have (should have) grabbed a picture of myself when I got home. My face was shining red and dripping sweat, and I could easily imagine seeing the waves of heat rising from my body.

It was a good ride day, in spite of the heat. And it brings back memories of the many over-100 degree days on my cross-country trek that unbelieveably enough is now five years in the past!